Spring 2014 Meeting

Our Spring Meeting will be held March 14-15 at the Doubletree Hilton in Raleigh/Durham, NC.

Our Keynote speakers are Dr. Dorothy Rosenthal, Johns Hopkins Medical Center and Dr. Carlie Sigel, Memorial Slone Kettering Cancer Center.

Dr. Rosenthal is speaking on the Paris Conference on Urinary Cytology. This pair of lectures focuses on aligning Cytology terminology and criteria with patient outcomes. Dr. Carlie Sigel is speaking on “The cytologists role in the diagnosis of non-small cell lung carcinoma in the era of personalized medicine” in a 2 part lecture.

We will also have a featured speaker on Breast morphology and molecular diagnostics as well as an interactive session on diagnostic dilemmas Gyn cytology and sessions on laboratory inspections. Check soon for further details.

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2 Responses to Spring 2014 Meeting

  1. Sera Hanson says:

    The increased cost of attending does not reflect the idea of reaching out to cytotechnologists, cytotechnology students and residents in the local and regional areas. $240 (not including membership or hotel and travel expenses) is a marked increase from past meetings and is a deterrent to offering the target participants a reasonable chance to experience an opportunity to network and learn. This is not the ASC conference! I shall not be attending until the NCSC can better serve their contingents.

  2. Samar Ellison says:

    As a former Officer of the NCSC, I would like to express my thoughts regarding the registration fees charged for this year’s meeting. I am concerned about the drastic increase over the last two years.
    It is important to keep in mind that many Cytotechnologists who attend this meeting, do so because they cannot afford to attend a national meeting. Considering the state of the economy, most Cytotechs are forced to pay for their own continuing education. Also remember that Cytotechnology students have enough expenses without having to pay such a high registration fee. It is incumbent upon us as members of this profession, to ensure that upcoming Cytotechnologists are provided the opportunity to attend meetings of this nature without incurring undue expense.
    The NCSC exists for its members. The officers have a responsibility to provide those members a high quality meeting at reasonable fees. Between 2008 and 2012 we brought a taste of the ASC to the NCSC while still managing to keep member’s expenses at a minimum. I hope that you will give my comments careful consideration as you move forward next year.
    It saddens me to say I will not be attending this meeting because I cannot do so in good conscience.

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